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Alone we achieve little, together we can do so much.

We are building an incredible team of specialists from all over the world, comprising over 20 nationalities. The company was founded with a very simple mantra, “to build a company where I would want to work”, and we are doing that day by day by creating an environment that provides mentoring, nurturing and guidance from our leadership team. Work is a huge part of your everyday life, and we aim to create an atmosphere that doesn’t just feel like any other job - we offer a huge amount of freedom and flexibility and empower you from day one to make decisions. We have an incredibly accessible "open door" structure, with collaborative working which allows every voice to be heard.

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Flexible Pandemic-Proof Organization

Who would have thought we'd be saying that a year ago? Offices took a back seat to remote working in 2020 and Carousel Group thrived. We offer ultra-flexible working arrangements during these difficult times and our team's health and safety are number 1 priorities for us.

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Incredible Teams

We pride ourselves on the strengths of our teams. Supported by open communication, shared common goals and fantastic people, our teams are the life blood of Carousel Group. Find your place in them today

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Companies that play together, stay together

Before the pandemic, we used to go out go-karting and bowling, but times have changed. Now we host Friday Beer (or Coffee!) O'clock sessions, Town Hall sessions and fun events and workshops wherever possible. Do you have any great ideas as to how we can have more fun working remotely? Well come and join us to share your ideas!

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Open Doors

We strongly believe in an open doors policy. All of our executives are easily accessible and love to help our team whenever possible, whether on a personal level or professional. All ideas will be heard!

It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen.

Read about some of our guiding principles

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Shared Values

Our principles always guide our decisions. We have a strong set of values and always consider the impact of our work on our employees and customers, making sure we have the most positive impact on the people around us.

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We embrace our differences, and celebrate our cultures

With more than 20 nationalities already, we have people from almost every continent of the globe. Our offices are full of different languages, different points of view, and different cultures which we embrace and celebrate as it makes us a stronger team, together. We are diverse, open and caring company and have a zero-tolerance policy for abusive, demeaning or threatening behaviour.

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Fast paced and exciting

There's never a dull day at Carousel Group. As we take on the giants, our goals are clear and our challenges are exciting. Think you have what it takes to keep up? Apply for a position now.

Even if your perfect role isn't listed, get in touch

We can let you into a secret, some of our team sent such amazingly persuasive cover letters, that we brought them in and found a role for them - we care less about job titles, and more about what you can add to our team, our values, and our culture. Even if your ideal role isn't listed today, it doesn't mean it won't be tomorrow - get in touch and let's talk!

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